Colorful street food

Street Food is a tradition in Cambodia. Present at all social levels, it feeds thousands of people every day. Practical, spicy, varied, it can also be too unbalanced or insufficiently nutritious. The working-class neighborhoods close to textile factories, around schools or in small country villages suffer in particular from this imbalance. With two talented and curious young chefs, Chef Mengly and Chef Sopheak, the cameras of Phare Creative Studio followed their tour of towns and villages, between Kep and Kampong Thom. With the complicity of local cooks who were kind enough to open their kitchens, the chefs deployed all their talent to update everyday cuisine by bringing taste, color and balance, while keeping sight of the budget.The result are 19 everyday recipes, accessible and delicious, which have been put into practice in the form of a workshop with the chefs.
Bon appétit!

Our series have been produced for our client GIZ Cambodia, for a project in partnership with MUSEFO.

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1.The “Bobo” rice porridge
2. The Lot Chhar
3.The fresh spring roll