When you feel embarrassing or unusual symptoms, the interactions with healthcare providers can be intimidating. Especially in a crowded pharmacy or in front of a doctor! In Cambodia, people tend to self-medicate and dare not ask when they have doubts on their diagnostic process. Yet, a misunderstanding on how to prepare for medical exams, or how to apply a proper and safe treatment, can make things worse…

We coproduced this humorous series on (serious) health prevention with 17 Triggers for PSI Cambodia and filmed with the famous ពូណុយ – Short Film crew. It aims at reminding that healthcare professionals are also here to guide us and give us the answers we need.

So, when you are sick, be smart: don’t keep yourself wondering!


#1 Seek healthcare from a professional
#2 Tell a healthcare professional all of your symptoms
#3 Ask a healthcare professional about specific tests preparation
#4 Be smart to ask about the diagnostic process
#5 Make it clear when it comes to the medication
#6 Make sure to respect the treatment duration