A new volunteer nurse arrives in Popok village where her uncle lives. While she witnesses the daily life of the village, she starts shaking up the food and hygiene habits of the small community living there. On the way, she discovers her desire for a young farmer passionate about new ways of growing vegetables.

This series produced for MUSEFO / GIZ Cambodia tackles the themes of sustainable agriculture, nutrition and breastfeeding within the small imaginary village of Popok. But above all it is about love and care, from a nurse to her patients, a mum to her daughter, a farmer to his field and the blossoming feelings of youth.

#1. Pisey’s welcome dinner turns into a nightmare when her uncle’s cooking goes wrong.
#2. Pisey uncovers malnutrition problems on her first day of work and discusses food and hygiene issues with her uncle.
#3. The unexpected return of Aunt Lily’s pregnant daughter triggers both rejection and support from the villagers.
#4. A farming project presentation is interrupted by a woman going into labor.
#5. Two people become closer after helping each other out and making a big decision together.
#6. Aunt Lily travels to the city hoping to bring her daughter back home.
#7. Harvest season brings happiness to Popok village, but Pisey’s departure leaves someone with nostalgic feelings.
#8. Pisey makes a life-changing decision.