COVID-19 has exacerbated existing mental health conditions worldwide and increased the number of people suffering from mental health issues, particularly children and youth. The #IFeelBetterWhen videos produced for our client UNICEF Cambodia address the stress, anxiety or depression that can affect the Cambodian youth and shares ways to cope with these issues as they arise. They also aim at promoting the Child helpline phone number 1280, reachable for free from anywhere in Cambodia.

Follow Sreyneang, Roth, Nul and Rapich while they share their journey and tips to find inner peace and wellbeing! Watch the videos by clicking the links:

#IFeelBetterWhen I perform – Sreyneang
The tips from Sreyneang – Taking a deep breath

#IFeelBetterWhen I draw – Roth
The tips from Roth – Drawing

#IFeelBetterWhen I do makeup – Rapich
The tips from Rapich – Writing a diary

#IFeelBetterWhen I play football – Nul
The tips from Nul – Stretching

The overall campaign gathered over 967 500 views on facebook and counted on the support of the influencer PingAnn. Find all the campaign videos on the official campaign facebook page HERE