We were proud to see this animation selected in 5 Film Festivals around the World in 2023:

  • Schenzen Youth Film Festival ;
  • Cambodia International Film Festival;
  • Indonesia CRAFT Animfest;
  • Tbilisi International Animation Festival;
  • Taipei Asian Films Festival.

The idea originated from the # 1RiverMusicFestival plastic reduction campaign, and the dream of seeing the next generations become the saviors of the environment. “Daughter of Mother Nature” was co-produced with Baramey Production.This could not have been accomplished without the support of the:

Ministry of Environment
UNDP in Cambodia
Embassy of Sweden in Cambodia

with additional support from the
European Union in Cambodia and Forte Insurance.

Sopheak Kosoma as Thida
Vann Da as Prayuth
Juvie Lin of Polarix as Somrith
Juvie Lin as the River Spirit

Directed by:
Laura & Andrew Mam

Written by:
Laura Mam // Andrew Mam // Thida Budh Mam // Vincent Buso from Phare Creative Studio // Sopheak Kosoma // Vann Da // Juvie Lin

Art Director/Storyboarder:
Vincent Buso from Phare Creative Studio