Fight the Monster, Beat Plastic!

Cambodia’s growing economy and population over the last decades have led to an exponential increase in the volume of solide waste, including plastic. Together, we can fight against the plastic pollution’s devastating impact on our environment and marine ecosystems by committing to the ‘4 Rs’: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

This project won the Innovation Challenge for #BeatPlastic campaign launched and supported by UNDP and Combatting Marine Plastic Litter Project Cambodia in 2022. It was presented to the Cambodian Ministry of Environment in January 2023.

Our 360-degree campaign deployed 3 main elements:

  • The engaging “Mit Somlanh” Theater and Workshop awareness raising tour to save the marine ecosystem, which reached over a thousand kids in Battambang schools and NGOs. The tour, concept and puppet characters of the fish and plastic monster villain were achieved together with our partner Lakhon Komnit.
  • Innovative contents creation: 10 video assets were produced including a series of humorous snippets of the plastic monster villain invading Battambang, in search for single-use plastics to feed on. A documentary about the tour, a teaser and children participants interviews were complementing the campaign.
  • A one-month social media campaign that reached 313 000 facebook followers throughout Cambodia.

Watch our videos:

Don’t feed the monster! #beatplastic –  Youtube  // Facebook

Don’t let the monster rest! #beatplastic – Youtube // Facebook

Don’t spoil the monster! #beatplastic – Youtube // Facebook 

Don’t befriend the monster! #beatplastic – Youtube // Facebook

#beatplastic explained by our little Campaign Ambassadors – Youtube // Facebook

Listen to Ei Eng, Mengleang, David, Vattanak and Meng Ju who want to #beatplastic!- Youtube // Facebook

Remember the 4”R’’ to make our world a better place? – Youtube // Facebook

Truth always comes out from children’s mouth! – Youtube // Facebook

Looking back to our #beatplastic Campaign and Awareness Tour – Youtube // Facebook